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Passion. Expérience. Diligence. Trusted Advisor.

Stratelligence Management Consulting was the brainchild of Ken Runkles, our founder and Managing Partner.  Ken has over 37 years of experience assisting companies achieve their maximum potential and desired objectives. 

Founder and Managing Partner

BS Accounting, 1987
Project Management Professional, 2015

He has worked in a multitude of industries throughout his career including Banking, Biotechnology, Financial Services, served as Chief Financial Officer of a construction and land development company, an engineering firm, and two technology companies.  He has also held senior executive positions at two of the largest accounting and management consulting companies in the world.  His extensive experience throughout the years was developed and his passion came into focus: to bring world class management consulting expertise and solutions to small to medium sized business and government agencies that are cost effective and impactful.

He also recognized and appreciates that while back-office operations, invoicing, payables, cash management, product and project management, and tax planning are necessary, many small companies tend to focus on these activities instead of delivering their products and services to their customers.  Ken spent a lot of time in management consulting assisting large and complex organizations outsource their back-office operations.  He understands the pros and cons and has developed methodologies to ensure outsourcing is not only a viable option but can be the best business decision to make.  Ken also realized that two underlying factors were the key to success in business, “strategy and business intelligence” which was his primary motivation for creating Stratelligence Management Consulting.


Katelyn Harris manages our Accounting Services practice area and assists with developing solutions for our CFO Advisory practice.  She manages the monthly accounting services for our clients that include all facets of accounting operations, and she provides Controller Services for our larger more complex clients.  


Prior to assuming the role of Account Services Manager, she managed accounting operations for our clients in a multitude of industries to include federal government contracting firms, construction, security services, technology, manufacturing, professional services, supply chain organizations and eCommerce.  

Katelyn also serves as our primary lead on ERP implementations and manages our system implementation team.  Katelyn has worked along side of our CFO Advisory practice area to develop financial planning and analysis capabilities, long term financial forecast models, cash flow forecast models and was instrumental in leading our Mergers & Acquisition support team with performing due diligence, quality of earnings support, and other sale side responsibilities.

Katelyn also collaborates with our client leadership in the development of accounting and system processes, business optimization services and has a proven track record of solving complex client challenges that are both meaningful and impactful. 

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