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Consulting Services for Arcas Risk Management, Inc

Stratelligence is super excited to announce that we have successfully provided sell side consulting services for Arcas Risk Management, Inc.

Arcas was a premier provider of cybersecurity services with areas of expertise in security, risk management, and compliance and they were recently acquired by GreenPages Technology Solutions a Portsmouth New Hampshire.

The acquisition of Arcas enables GreenPages customers to “further reduce their attack surface across their operating environments and protect corporate data against threats, “GreenPages CEO Ron Dupler stated. As a result, these customers are well equipped to develop and implement zero trust protection strategies across their operations.

Stratelligence was providing Monthly Accounting Services and Fractional CFO Services to Arcas Risk Management which transitioned into provided Sell Side Due Diligence services working closely with GreenPages to get the transaction completed. It was an absolute whirlwind of activity due to the compressed schedule of the transaction.

I am thrilled at the performance of our team and especially want to thank Katelyn Harris for just an outstanding job of rising to the occasion and getting it done! Congratulations Katelyn you have one under your belt!!


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